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Diana’s Celtic Repertoire
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Are You Sleeping Maggie e
Arran Boat e
Ashokan Farewell
Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair b
Blackbird C
Bonny Portmore G
Bridget Cruise G
Bridget’s Feast d
Butterfly e
Celia Connellan F/d
Chanter's Tune G/e
Chi Mi Na Morbheanna d
Christ Child’s Lullaby
Cider Song (Breton) b
David of the White Rock e
Drowsy Maggie/Sweet Molly e
Eleanor Plunkett G
Fanny Power
Fairy's Love Song e
Fig for a Kiss e
Flying to the Fleadh D/b
Full Rigged Ship a
Gartan Mother’s Lullaby D
Gentle Maiden G
Give Me Your Hand (The Irish Wedding Song) G
Glass of Beer b/D
Glenlivet a
Great is my Sorrow d
Green Grow the Rushes C/a
Greensleeves a
Highland Brigade a
Henry MacDermott Roe
Hungry Rock e
Joy to the Person of My Heart F/d
Kean O’Hara G
Kitty Magennis

Kitty’s Rambles d
Lady St. John G
Loftus Jones
Mairi’s Wedding G
March of the King of Laois G
Mary, Young and Fair
Meeting of the Waters A
Mo Ghille Mear D
Moorlough Shore (Foggy Dew) e
Morning Has Broken C
My Lagan Love c
Now Strike the Harp Gladly C
Ootpik Waltz G
Paddy’s Lament b
Patrick Kelly G
Queen of Argyle c
Rest and Be Thankful D
Royal Dream G
Salley Gardens C
Samhrain G
Scarborough Fair a
Searching for Lambs (Eng) a 4/4 G dorian 5/4
She Moved Through the Fair c
Sheebeg and Sheemore G
Shule Aroon a
Singing Bird G
Skye Boat Song G
Spirit Sweet of Summertime G
Star of Munster a
Star of the County Down b/D
Suantrai G
The Parting of Friends d
The Queen's Marsh (Welsh) d
The Selkie Song G
The Sheep Beneath the Snow (Manx) a
The Wexford Carol
Wild Mountain Thyme C
Willafjord D