Special Offer

To wedding and event clients.

Allow your guests to continue enjoying your event long after the day is over. Diana's critically acclaimed CD "Panta Rhei" makes a perfect party favor or gift. Offered exclusively to wedding and event clients at the wholesale rate of $8/CD (retail $15!), Diana's music will instantly recall the atmosphere of your event. A unique gift, this CD is sure to relax and rejuvenate.


Mitch Landy, Folk Harp Journal Fall 2004
"...a delicious piece of work, both in arrangement and performance... a brilliantly conceived program, mixing the familiar and (for most of us) the exotic, shifting from contemplative to dancelike, to romantic, from solo to ensemble, from vocal to instrumental. Upon hearing each selection, one never has the thought, `oh, another one of these.' It is, of course, excellently mastered, and beautifully packaged..."

John Westling
(owner of Sandpiper Instruments and maker of Diana's harp, the Cithara Nova)
"The very first piece actually made me cry when I first heard it. It was like recognizing all of the potential of the Nova, all at once. It was exactly like the first time I strung one up and played it. I would have to say I was completely overcome with emotion hearing, for the first time, the true brilliance of the harp and listening to it's soul. The rest of the CD does exactly what I've always wanted someone to do with the Nova...touch it, feel it, start playing it, and guide it out into the open, then turn it loose and hang on. My intuitive connection with this harp always has suggested that it needs to be let free, to take you on a journey, to change on a whim, then take off again. It's amazing that you have managed to do just that."

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