The Bright Knowledge

Diana Rowan, harp with Rachel Durling, violin, Peter Maund, percussion, Gary Hegedus, tarhu Bon Singer, Lily Storm & Erica Leonard, vocals

My second album, The Bright Knowledge, is almost finished - here's a sneak preview! Focused more on solo and original material, this CD is very personal for me, exploring big questions of life and love. The title refers to the ancient Irish concept (and many parallels in other cultures) of sudden spiritual illumination and instant gaining of wisdom after being brought into fierce light from a darkened place. It has also alludes to the passing on of oral history. Both the spiritual quest and the honouring of past knowledge in the midst of necessary change play a huge part in this, my most representative work.

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playlist of all songs

1. Hijaz Ilahi
2. Your Soul is a Chosen Landscape
3 . Bucimis
4 . The Rhapsodist
5 . The Marvelous Year
6 . Live Without Thought of Dying
7 . Warp & Weft
8 . The Belfast Set
9 . Yishru Shalom
10. Up High in the Clouds
11. Devoted
12. Carnival
13. The Roaring Silence

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